Our History

The MOD 60’s formed in February 2020. We began by initially talking thru Bandmix. Playing 60’s music is the goal for all members in the band.  We decided to meet for a practice session; it went well, so we decided to continue. First few sessions were held at ROCK U (music school & music shop). Rock U is a key place for practice during the COVID crisis. They have a private stage area and provide all the necessary equipment. We now have a private studio (built at the home of Rick Lipson, our drummer. Many thanks to Rick for that awesome studio).


The MOD 60’s band has a great future. We love playing 60’s music and original material. We completed our first Album on 1/25/2021 and look forward to playing live soon. We recorded our album in Fort Mill, SC at ‘Stonelayer Recording Studio’. Our engineer is David Robinson. David is a great guy to work with and a true professional.

Meet the Band

Bill Chapman - Lead Guitar/Singer-Song Writer/Founder

I enjoy 60's rock & blues. Also, enjoy playing some 70's & 80's tunes.

Love to write and sing original music. I have played in several rock bands over the past few years. My most enjoyable band experience with the exception of our new band "The MOD 60's", is playing with "The MOD VI". We rated a number 3 spot on the charts in 1967 with a song called "It's Not The Same".  Also enjoyed playing with the group "Acme Repossessing Company", 1968 thru 1969.

The most memorable time with ACME is when we toured Texas and played at Hemisphere 69 in San Antonio.

 Also played in a famous mod club called 'The Love Street Light Circus'. Jimmy Hendrix played there one night before we arrived.  

Scott Johnson - Bass player

I am the bass player in the Mod 60's. I love singing harmony almost as much as playing bass - although doing both at the same time can sometimes be a bit complicated.

Over the years, I've played bass in many different musical groups and genres spanning Classical, Blue Grass, Folk, Jazz, and Country. But my favorite is Rock N' Roll.

The most musical fun I've had so far has been the opportunity to play with the other gifted musicians of the Mod 60's. There are many people that can play and sing, but the level of musicianship of the other members of the band has made me a better player, and that leads to more fun!

Rick Lipson - Drummer

Music from the 1960s-1970s has been fundamental and inspirational to me. My life memories are tied to music.

I was eight years old when I attended my first concert, The Beatles August 1966 U.S.A. Stadium Tour. Two years later I began playing drums, perhaps inspired by Ringo Starr.

I’ve played in several bands and fortunate to have played locally at The Fillmore, Middle C Jazz, and Heist Brewery.

Playing drums for the MOD 60’s is the answer to a 30-year goal. Being on the stage with Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Bill Chapman; Toni, and Scott gives me abundant happiness.

Toni Scott - Lead Singer

Toni Scott grew up in Albemarle NC.  She started singing in church as a young child. Her family was involved in music which became a big part of her life.


In her early years, Toni was part of a Christian band. As part of this group, her passion for singing and love for music began to grow. Over the years she has had the opportunity to provide background vocals with local bands and artists. From coffee shops to bars if she got the chance she was singing.


Toni's favorite artists that have been an influence are Janice Joplin, Patsy Cline, CCR, Sheryl Crow, Selena, Alanis Morissette, Billie Holiday, Rolling Stones, Eva Cassidy, Joss Stone, Elvis, Etta James, The Judds, and Stevie Nicks.