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The MOD 60's - In Our Room

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Our new album consist of 10 songs, 6 originals and 4 cover songs. The song list is below:

Originals - all music & lyrics written by Bill Chapman

1. Met Her In A Bar

2. Pandemic

3. Night Flight

4. Dan, Dan The Whiskey Drinking Man

5. Slip Away

6. In our room


7. Summertime

8. Blue Bayou

9. To Love Somebody

10. You Got Me Runnin

About the Album by Bill Chapman

The inspiration for Met Her In A Bar draws on my prior band experience with  'The MOD VI'. In 1967, we played many times at a bar/club called 'The Whiskey A GoGo' in Augusta, Georgia.

Pandemic is based on the Corona Virus that has spread like wildfire throughout the nation, and the impact it has on people.

Night Flight theme comes from our nations worst nightmare; 911, and the possible thoughts of the airline passengers involved in this tragedy.

Dan, Dan The Whiskey Drinking Man is a little blues bringing back memories from the 60's. This song is smoking as Toni our lead singer belts out a blues melody.

Slip Away is a special song written for my special someone 'Jackie'.  Enough said. 

Toni’s voice sounds so beautiful on the singing of the 3 song classics, Blue Bayou, Summertime, & To Love Somebody. Toni also does a great job on Pandemic.

In Our Room is inspired by our recently built practice studio, and memories from our practice sessions at Rock U. In Our Room is also the title of our new Album.

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